Carrick Suite @ Maggies

Discover the Carrick Suite at Maggie's Tavern, your premier choice for hosting remarkable private events in St. Johnston, Donegal. Our Carrick Suite stands as an exceptional venue, perfectly suited for weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, retirement soirées, and more. Situated amidst the captivating landscapes of Donegal, this multifunctional space radiates both rustic charm and modern elegance, creating an ideal setting for a diverse range of gatherings. From intimate anniversary celebrations to lively birthday bashes, the Carrick Suite offers a flexible canvas to craft unforgettable moments. Our dedicated team is here to meticulously tailor every aspect, ensuring your chosen décor, ambiance, and culinary offerings align seamlessly with your event's theme. Embark on a memorable journey with us as you explore the endless possibilities that the Carrick Suite offers for your special occasion in the heart of St. Johnston, Donegal.

For All Kinds Of Celebration

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